Saturday, April 25, 2009

Six Benefits Of Drinking Water

1Water reduces fatigue and gives you more energy.
Step2Water flushes out unwanted toxins and helps reduce bloating.
Step3Water helps hydrate your skin and have a clear complexion. It also lubricates your joints.
Step4Water is a great weight-loss aid. It gives you that feeling of fullness.
Step5Water promotes normal digestion and nutrient absorption along with keeping you regular.
Step6Water also helps boost your immune system.

Cleaning Your Make Up Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes can be a hassle but it is necessary for them to remain in the best shape. With the following options available I know you will find one that works best for you.Brush Cleaner: You can purchase a brush cleaner from a department store or beauty supply store. Ask the salespeople what their favorites are. My favorite is Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner. It has a mild citrus smell and will clean all makeup, disinfect and conditions the hair of the brush as well. Just spray it on the brush and wipe clean with a towel or paper towel. The best part...the makeup brush is completely dry after you are done! It is perfect, especially when you don't have the time to wait for your brushes to dry. If you are on a limited budget Baby Shampoo works just as great. Also try Vinegar and Water: Use 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar, dip your brushes in the mixtures and rinse clean in warm water. This will disinfect your brushes so if multiple people use them, this is a great option over a brush cleaner. For the following cleaning options I recommend putting the product into your hand, dipping the brush in a small amount of water and lathering the makeup brush thoroughly. Then rinse with warm water and lay flat on a towel to dry.Shampoo: It doesn't really matter what kind of shampoo you use but shampoo works great for cleaning your makeup brushes. Remember, makeup brushes are hair and shampoo works great on yours, right? When I have the time, this is the option I use. Facial Cleanser: A gentle cleanser works well for cleaning your makeup brushes. If it will remove the makeup from your face, it will remove the makeup from your brush. How often should you clean your makeup brushes? It depends on the brush. Any brush you use on a liquid cosmetic should be cleaned everyday; such as, concealer, foundation, lip products and cream eye shadow. For other brushes I would recommend as often as once a week or at the least every two weeks.

Bridal Make Up

Bridal Makeup Your bridal makeup will be captured forever in your wedding photos. Therefore, it's very important to plan your bridal makeup look well in advance.Here are some wedding day makeup tips that will have you looking picture perfect.
Hire a professional makeup artist. The expense of using a professional is well worth it. On your wedding day, you will be nervous and won't want to do your makeup yourself. Relying on a friend or family member isn't the best option. If you can afford it, hire a makeup pro.
Have a pre-wedding consultation a few weeks before you wedding. Most professional makeup artists include one consultation as part of their pricing. Bring a swatch from your wedding dress and pictures of how you will be wearing your hair. Doing so will give the makeup artist an idea of what he or she will be working with on your wedding day.
Apply a primer under your foundation to help your makeup last longer. Also use a primer on your eyelids to prevent eye shadow from creasing or melting.
Use waterproof mascara.
Keep eye makeup natural and light. You don't want to look like a raccoon in photos.
Fill in your lips with lip pencil before applying lipstick. This will give your lipstick a good base to help the color last.
Place a towel over your head when putting on your gown. This way you can avoid getting cosmetics on your wedding dress.
Have blotting papers or powdered rice papers on hand. These convenient papers can eliminate shine on your wedding day.

Summer Make Up Tips


Keep your foundation thin in warmer weather. Your skin tone will change, so don't be afraid to buy a bottle of your favorite brand in a darker color and mix it to match your skin. If it is too heavy, add some water or moisturizer to thin it out a little bit.

Eye Shadow Tips

Lighter makeup accentuates a dark tan. The new eye shadows available today give shimmer and glide on smoothly. Combine a lighter creme eye-shadow with light lipstick or lip gloss and you'll have an instant, updated summer look.
For longer lasting makeup, apply pressed powder to your eyelids to soak up any additional oil before you brush on the eye shadow or apply a primer to your eyelid. This will also help "set" the powder and prevent creasing.


Today's mascara isn't near as conservative as it was years ago. With brushes, colors and formulas available for just about every situation, your choice today is much easier.
Summer may be the only time you need waterproof mascara. For exercising or swimming, use the waterproof formula to prevent the dreaded "black eye" syndrome. Even if you don't anticipate the need, keep some on hand for that impromptu invite to the pool or beach.


Cool mauves, rose and pinks are the summer trend for lips. Fill in sparse lips with a lip liner that matches your lips and go just beyond your lip line to add fullness. For a daring look, try classic gold or bronze, which never goes out of style.
Pucker up your lips with a lip plumper which will increase collagen production and deliver instant moisture. Designed to make your lips larger and decrease fine lines and wrinkles, this is a win-win situation. Apply some lip gloss to add volume and dimension and your lips will never look so good!

Bronzing Powder is a Girl's Best Friend
Kudos to whoever invented bronzing powder. It's not only a popular spring and summer makeup, it can be used in a variety of ways -- any time of the year! Apply it to your face to play up a tan, or just to fake one. Strategically place it along the sides of your cheekbones to slim your face, or on each side of your nose to make it appear smaller.
Dab some on your shoulders for a shimmer effect when wearing a strapless dress. Use your imagination and you'll soon find that bronzing powder it a must-have summertime make-up!