Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update -Why I Have Not Blogged In So Long

Hi fellow blogger's, How has everyone been? I hope all is well and all of you have been blessed. I have been MIA due to working super hard. I have held down two part time jobs freelancing for Procter & Gamble as well as Lorac Cosmetics. Between the two jobs and freelancing on the side I have been a busy lady. I thank God for continuous work and for opening doors I never thought or could imagine would ever open. I was also blessed to travel to New York in July & September. I am currently getting ready to go to Los Angeles 10/22-10/25. I thank everyone for all their love and support and patience through my journey. I will try my  best to post some pictures and product reviews as time permits me to do so. Also I will be uploading some videos on my new You Tube Channel. Talk to you all soon and remember to always stay glam!