Friday, August 7, 2009

My new favorite body spray by Victoria Secret

Product Details:Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist is a light fragrance mist that comes in a wide, clear plastic bottle with a chrome-y plastic, non-removable pump sprayer. It has a wide, clear plastic cap that snaps off and on. Like the other Beauty Rush Body Double Mists, the Slice Of Heaven Body Double Mist has two layers. One is a somewhat oily-looking layer (but it's not really oily) and the other layer looks like water. The oily-looking layer is yellow (which is probably supposed to be the color of yellow cake, which is what this product smells like). Before this product is sprayed onto the body, the bottle should be shaken to combine the two layers.Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Slice Of Heaven Body Double Mist comes in just one size, which is 8.4 oz. In addition to the Slice Of Heaven scent, the Beauty Rush Body Double Mist also comes in Coconut Craze, Juiced Berry, Appletini, Candy Baby and Honey Do. And in addition to the Body Double Mist, the Slice Of Heaven scent is available in Body Drink Lotion, 3-in-1 Wash, Body Souffle Moisture Cream and Lip Gloss.From the product's packaging: A doubly sweet hydration sensation! Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin. Shake well, spritz on and get sweet with the Slice Of Heaven scent.Ingredients (taken from packaging):Alcohol denat., cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, water, fragrance, dimethicone, benzophenone-3, benzyl benzoate, yellow 10, yellow 6.My Experience:I have always loved vanilla scents, and when the more "foody" scents started to come out into the marketplace, I soon had a large collection of "foody" scents like buttercream frosting, cotton candy and other sweet scents. So when I found the Slice of Heaven scent in the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line, I was hooked on it immediately. This is a scent that you wouldn't wear on a job interview, but it's very versatile and is a scent that men love!First, I love the look of the packaging of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Double Mist. I love the wider, larger bottle that is so different from the taller, thinner bottles that most body mists come in these days. It has more of a 1970's retro look with its wide cap and scrawly, cursive writing on the front of the bottle. I think it's a very attractive bottle. Also adding to the attraction of this product is the two layers. OK, so we aren't kids and we don't need to "play" with our beauty products, but I still like to play with the Body Double Mist and like to watch the two layers mix together in an "oil and water" type of way.The Slice of Heaven scent is nothing short of divine. It's amazingly realistic. It smells EXACTLY like yellow cake without the frosting. And I'm not talking about a boring, dry yellow cake. It smells like moist, rich, yellow cake with extra vanilla flavoring added in. Every time I wear this product, I crave cake. It's a comforting scent but is also a bit festive in its own way. It will atract men like crazy be aware. Women also love it and this is even something that I can see young girls wearing - or any female of any age, really.Applying the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Slice Of Heaven Body Double Mist is a breeze. The pump sprayer is great and does not spray out a ton of the body mist and doesn't release a huge cloud of mist with it. It squirts out some of the mist but thankfully it doesn't produce a big, gag-inducing cloud of scent. Despite having a bit of an oily appearance, this product does not have an oily texture at all and applies just like any other fragrance mist. Unfortunately, the Body Double Mist does not soften the skin like it claims to. It doesn't dry out the skin, though, thankfully - but it doesn't have the skin-softening properties that the folks at Victoria's Secret would like us to think that it has.The scent of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Slice Of Heaven Body Double Mist really doesn't last too long on the skin once it's applied. It lasts about 30 to 60 minutes before it has to be re-applied in order for the scent to be detectable. I don't have time to re-apply it every 30 to 60 minutes, so I re-spray it when I think about it. The scent does last a bit longer when it's applied on top of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Drink Lotion, but using it with the lotion will only only get you another 15 to 30 minutes or so. Overall, the Slice Of Heaven scent is the best scent in the entire Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line. I love everything about this Body Double Mist and use it frequently. If you like vanilla or cake scents (without the frosting notes), you will very likely love the Slice Of Heaven scent. I do wish that this product had a longer-lasting scent, but I'm not that upset about it and am just glad to have a nice, yellow cake scent in my huge collection of bath and body products. This would make a great gift for someone who loves vanilla or "foody" scents and is great for any female of any age.Price and Purchasing Information:Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Slice Of Heaven Body Double Mist is normally priced at $12 but is frequently on sale along with the other Beauty Rush products for 3/$25. This product can be purchased at Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret Beauty stores and online at

My favorite scent is Honey Do it smells just like honey dew melon and drives my husband and my puppie Ritchie crazy. It makes the whole house smell like a fruit stand. My second favorite is the Coconut Craze it smells like a cross between coconut and a cinnamon bun mmmm yummy