Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working on set for a Photo Shoot 01/09/2011

This is just a quick picture of me after I finished a long day of beating faces for a salon inspired photo shoot for my hairstylist & sister in law Sophia Royals hair salon (Salon Philosophie). I had so much fun with all the hairstylists and creating different looks for the shoot cant wait to post pics when I get them in my hands.

Im Back!!!!!!!! Exciting News

Ok you guys I know it has been a while I shouldn't have let for so long but remember when I told you God opened some doors well he did it so fast and I am working like never before. I am a free lancer for Amazing Cosmetics sold at Ulta & Sephora + Episencial sold at Whole Foods and Im also an account executive for Carols Daughter Im so excited and blessed never did I think I would be able to juggle 3 jobs but with hard work and determination I am up for the challenge. So if I am away from my blog know it is due to my busy schedule thank you for your support and continued prayers :-)!!!!

My Halle Berry Inspired Pixie Cut

My New Purple Suede Booties from Charlotte Russe

These booties are super hot -I wore them to work last saturday and got alot of compliments. I paired them with some light gray fish net stockings from Forever 21 and it was super cute. The soes have a 4 1/2 inch heel so after working 5 hours my feet were killing me from standing all day but pain is beauty lol