Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bath & Body Works Sale

Mix & Match on Signature Collection Body Care
*Buy 3, Get 2 Free
*Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Save up to $59.00 ....Go check it out at a store near you or on their website

Oil Of Olay Foaming Face Wash -My go to Cleanser

  • Cleanser and Refresher
  • 100% Oil-Free
  • 100% Fragrance-Free
  • Dermatologist Tested
Advanced Formula Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash was created for the special needs of sensitive skin. It gently cleans, refreshes and cares for your skin, helping you maintain a fresh youthful appearance.
  • Rich foamy lather
  • 100% soap-free
  • 100% oil-free
  • Allergy and dermatologist tested
  • Won't overdry your face like soap.
  • Removes makeup -- even eye makeup.
  • Doesn't irritate or sting eyes like soap can.
  • Rinses away easily, leaving the soft fresh feeling you want.

My favorite Eyshadow Primer NYX Eyeshadow Base

This primer comes in three different colors White, Pearl, & Skin Tone all are priced at $6.00 purchase at