Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Africas Best Relaxer

So I went to my local walmart and picked up a relaxer. Usually I wait 6-8 weeks to have my hair permed. I also usually get it professionally permed at the salon. This time I decided to do it myself. Among my favorite do it yourself perms are Soft & Beautiful Botanicals no lye relaxer for sensitive scalps or Dr. Miracles relaxer. This time I tryed Africas Best relaxer with no lye it has real african botanicles and extra virgin olive oil. After letting the relaxer stay on for 15-20minutes becasue my hair is super curly and thick -my hair was so straight and smooth. The perm really gets your hair soft and conditions it. For $4.95 you get your moneys worth. You will not be dissapointed at all. I also like their leave in conditioner that comes inside the box with the activator and shampoo- it had a pleasant fruity smell to it. I cant wait to see the end result when my hair is actually styled later today at the salon. I will post up some pictures for all to see. Dont wait if your hair is on the hard to manage side or (nappy) go get this!

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